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Recipes published will be refreshed every once in a while to keep the page fresh. Some recipes will be removed and others posted.  If you know there was one posted you want, but can not find then please contact us, by e-mailing Chef Bruce at the e-mail link here. 

Here is a great way to fix chicken!  Especially boneless, skinless chicken breasts! Here is our famous Feathered Chicken recipe.

Want a great country style rib recipe (boneless ribs)?  Try one of our most requested recipes.  Mo Ribs! is an easy very slow cooking way to prepare these juicy boneless ribs!

Steak Cameron is The Chef's Table signature recipe using its namesake spice. This quickly prepared steak is flavorful, juicy, and tender.  If you want an "I'm going to wow them" center piece for your dinner, this is it!

Like Salmon?  Then this recipe is one you will appreciate.  It has also been known to convert some to liking salmon.  Chef Bruce calls it Swimmin' Salmon....we just call it plain good!

It's grilled burger time!  Here is a recipe for grilled hamburger that is sure to get you "Best Burger Ever" award!  It is the Best Burger Ever.  This recipe is a real winner and any left overs can be frozen and reheated in the oven for that fresh off the grill burger any time.  Put some cheese on it!  It is great!

Bruce's Roast Brisket is one of those special "to die for" dishes.  This recipe is well worth the time and effort it takes to prepare.  It is first brined for one to two days, then slow cooked to perfection.    Served with hearty vegetables and baked or mashed potatoes, it is a real family pleaser and break from the every day "What's for dinner?"

This recipe we call Buttermilk Spa Chicken because we give it a buttermilk bath prior to cooking.  The spicing, marination in the bath and cooking method will give you the best chicken you have ever tasted!  It really is worth trying.

It's time for a rack of ribs slowly cooked to perfection!  Tickled Ribs is a wonderful anytime-of-the-year recipe.  Slow cooked for tender juicy ribs and topped off with The Chef's Table Meat Paint make you the best cook of ribs around.  Go for it!

Want the best darned pork chops ever?  Try these scrumptious Brined Boneless Pork Chops!  Brined for several days and then quickly grilled on your BBQ these are to die for!

Now here is a breakfast or brunch dish that will keep you going all day!  English Egg Cake!  WOW!  A very flavorful all-in-one dish for Sunday brunch or even camping.  It needs to be experienced!

For those holiday feasts, or anytime you are in the mood for yams here is a slightly different way to serve them.  We all know yams are good with butter, salt and pepper, but add a unique maple sauce to them and you have a new ball game at the dinner table, so try Mashed Yams with Maple Sauce and give your family and friends something new.

Why buy hash browns when you can easily make your own?  All it takes is a little forethought the night before and you will have the best hash browns in town. check them out here.  These are the easiest Homemade Hash browns ever!

Like French toast?  Here is a truly over the top French Toast that will be sure to please anyone.  It has flavor layers that can not be beat!  Everyone that has eaten this wants not only more, but the here is The Chef's Table secret recipe for Cinommommommy French Toast!

Looking for an easy to make, moist, flavorful cake for that office pot luck or something simple for your family?  Then you have to try this apple cake!  It is absolutely the greatest!  It's called Chopped Apple Cake since the apples are chopped, not sliced or minced.  It is so full of flavor everyone will be delighted with it and want more.

Okay, it's cold out, or not, and you want a real hearty soup, but something different.  Then you should try The Chef's Table recipe for their Pork Soup. This is not your run-of-the-mill pork soup, this is really a very flavorful hearty soup.  Serve it with an warm and crusty artisan bread.

If you like pork roast then here is a "kicked-up, over the top", not to mention unbelievable marinated pork roast.  This is a melt-in-you-mouth, tender, juicy and tasty roast you'll want to have many times over.  The Chef's Table simply calls it Marinated Pork Roast.

Looking for a better "creamy chicken soup" than the one out of the can?  Maybe you have tried to make one and it didn't come out quite right, or you were looking for more flavor in yours?  Well this could well be the answer for which you search.  Try this Thick and Creamy Chicken Soup, packed with flavor and a great meal unto itself.

Here is a truly elegant salad for those special dinner parties or even a summer BBQ.  It goes with just about anything, but when you take a little extra time with it the presentation makes it a true WOW factor for those special occasions. Though it is Italian in nature, it does not need to be relegated to just Italian dinners.  It is appropriately called Country Style Italian Salad.

Blueberry Syrup is great on pancakes, waffles, crepes and many deserts.  Chef Bruce has even used it on venison.  Here is a simple recipe for this delectable topping.  You just have to try it!

"I don't like brussel sprouts!"  How often have you heard that?  Well this recipe will change minds!  When treated the way they are in this recipe converts are made, and lovers just become more passionate about this wonderful little "educated cabbage" (Mark Twain).  These have to be the Best Brussel Sprouts and Then Some ever!

What could be better than grilled asparagus?  With this delicious vegetable available almost year round now having what used to be summer time treat can be had in the winter, too.  The trick is to make it like you just cut it from your own asparagus patch, and this Grilled Asparagus recipe makes it taste just like that!

The season does not matter, any time is great for enjoying an Irish lamb stew. Here is a great recipe for a variation on A Ballymaloe Irish Lamb Stew.  This recipe is an adaptation of someone else's, but the variation makes it a whole new stew!  You simply have to give this one the love it deserves, and your rewards will be the raves you get when you serve it!

Tried to make a turkey dinner and you weren't really satisfied?  Came out dry or just did not have the flavors you were looking for?  Well The Chef's Table may well have the answer to your problems.  This recipe is a great guide for cooking the Turkey and Dressing.  The trick?  Starting hot, turning the bird over breast down and finishing slow.  It is a true labor of love, but well worth the effort!  Everyone will want more.

Here is a dessert that had no name until someone tried it and simply described it as " a little bit of heaven!"  So we named it Strawberry Heaven.  It is a delightful mix of fresh strawberries, a little sweetening, cream cheese and whipped cream!  Now what can possibly go wrong here with that combination?  Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

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