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Chef Bruce,

I have tried almost every product and they are all excellent.  Your new salts are GREAT!  I gave some as a Christmas present (to my mother-in-law) and she loved them!  And I LOVE your bbq sauce, it's the best.  I can eat it out of the jar, it's making  my mouth water just thinking of it

Renton, WA

Chef Bruce,

Just to let you know, we tried your "Chicken Feathers" spice in the Feathered Chicken recipe.  It was so yummy!  Absolutely loved it!  Even my son loved it, and it is rare he does.  Made the whole housmell se like least to me anyway.  We actually had it twice in one son asked for it!  I look forward to trying some of your other recipes and spice combinations.


Chef Bruce,

OH!  OH!  OH!  The Feathered Chicken dish was the talk of the family at our New Year's dinner, where we traditionally have a family potluck with some close friends!  I borrowed a cast iron skillet because I don't own one, but glad I did!  Everything came out REALLY delicious!  I followed your advice and thickened the sauce with a cornstarch slurry.  Everyone spooned extra sauce over their rice as well...there was not a drop left!  It was THAT GOOD!!!!  My folks were very pleasantly surprised, and even my sister's friend wanted the recipe, so I told them to visit your site.  I'm going to make this dish again!  YEAH, BABY!  Your signature dishes are making a hit here in the Islands!  YUM!

I Can testify that Chef Bruce's recipe for the Feathered Chicken is absolutely DELISH!!!


PS:  BTW, I would be remiss when a product I've used fails to get the promotion it deserves.  The Steak Cameron I prepared for my neice and her boyfriend (as an appreciation dinner) was outstanding!

Chef Bruce,

I will go ahead and tell you that your spice blends are some of the best I have ever seen and tried.  Your items cannot be compared to McCormicks or a grocery store's private label spice blends ... your products are of much better quality than thiers.


Chef Bruce,

I think I'm in love!

I just want to say these are awesome products!  I really like the Chicken Feathers.  I bought the Sampler (Set) and have not been disappointed in anything I have tried!!!!!  Am looking forward to experimenting with more combos!!  Highly recommend the (Classic) Merlot salt also!  I am one satisfied customer!


The Chef's Table,

Great hamburgers at the BBQ yesterday!  They werre made with your spices and your expertise and they were wonderful!  Thank you so much!

Heidi H

Chef Bruce:

 (A copy of my (SV) FB posting.)

All you folks reading the post above (a FB posting) should consider trying Chef Bruce's seasonings and spices. I've tried the Feathered Chicken recipe several times now and I can vouch first hand just how delicious the dish is.


Chef Bruce:

I am from Oklahoma, and this is one of the best rib rubs (Rib Tickler) I've ever had the pleasure of using!

Now in Washiington

The Chef's Table
Chef Bruce:

We have used the seasoning we bought from you on our steak and my husband LOVES it. He is rather picky about his steak, so I was so happy that this was a big hit with him.

Edgewood, WA

The Chef's Table
Chef Bruce:

I bought a bottle of the Smokey BBQ sauce (Smokey Mesquite Meat Paint) because I like to try new sauces.  I put it on some steaks, then I broiled them and use a little on the side as a dip.  My wife and I loved the sauce!  We will definitely be buying more.

Ron J.

The chef's Table
Chef Bruce:

Thank you for such and amazing sauce!  I put your Chipotle (Chipotle Meat Paint) on almost everything I eat.

J. Kleaver

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Chef Bruce:
I wanted to try something different so I thought I would give your "Mo' Ribs" recipe a try.  I found it to be both simple and very good.  I wanted a smoky flavor, so I used the Smoky Mesquite Meat Paint to finish the dish as directed.  WOW!  My friends and family loved them!  I'll do these again soon.  Your recipes and products really do make cooking high quality dishes easy.  I will recommend them to all my fiends.