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Cinommommommy French Toast

3 Eggs (room temperature works best)
6 Slices bread (thick slices about one day old – slightly dry is best)
1 tablespoon sugar
½-1 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon Sherry wine
1/8 Cup Whole milk, ½ & ½, cream or mixture thereof

Crack eggs and place in a shallow dish, add the sugar and milk.  Beat together until almost combined.  In a very small bowl or condiment cup add the cinnamon to the wine and mix with a mini whisk until the cinnamon and wine are combined…If you do it the other way the two will not mix.  All you are doing is providing the cinnamon with a wetting agent….alcohol, and adding a new flavor dimension to your French toast.  Now pour the wine and cinnamon into the egg mixture and thoroughly beat everything together until it is frothy.

This recipe will do about six slices of toast depending upon how much you soak the bread.  The drier the bread the longer you need to soak it and the fewer slices you get from the recipe.

Dip/soak the bread slices in the egg mixture and immediately transfer them to a pre-heated griddle or cast iron skillet.  The griddle or skillet should be preheated to about medium or medium low.  Don’t rush your toast!  It will be soggy on the inside and very brown on the outside if you do.  You want it to be golden to dark brown on the outside with the inside set and cuddly warm.

When toast is properly cooked remove from griddle and place on plates.  For a nice touch dust the toast with powdered sugar and a sprig of mint.  Include real butter and real maple syrup, jam, jelly or freshly made fruit syrup for your guests or family to enjoy this dish.