Spice Blends

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Eggselence This is one of the very first spice blend Chef Bruce concocted.  He developed it for his "omelet day" party many years ago.  It is a wonderful blend of herbs and spices that give eggs, egg dishes and even potato salad a great flavor profile. Just a little bit in your scrambled eggs, or a little sprinkled on your omelet or  fried eggs, or a pinch in that potato salad will give them a unique stature everyone else will envy.

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Steak Cameron Now this is a real taste treat for those grilled steaks, beef roasts and even hamburgers (though we also have a special hamburger spice, too).  The name of this spice is derived from The Chef's Table dish of the same name (look in the recipe box for it).  Use it on the meat several minutes or hours prior to cooking and you will have a new outlook on your beef dishes.  It's great used in meatloaf, and is a super rub for roasts!
Pig Skin A strange name, true, but you have to know our chef!  Much like Steak Cameron this is a specialty spice originally made for a dish called Mo' Ribs!  He later discovered this was also excellent on pork chops, pork roasts and even country sausage!  It truly brings out the flavor of the meat, just like all The Chef's Table blends do.
Fish Scales  No, there are no fish scales in this spice blend!  By now you most likely have figured out our chef has a unique sense of humor.  This blend of herbs and spices was created for his Swimmin' Salmon recipe.  Fish Scales is the best spice for any fish, not just salmon.  Try it on halibut, cod, grouper, trout, you name the fish it works!  Like Eggselence it must be used delicately depending upon the fish.  It is even good on scallops, shrimp and even tuna fish sandwiches.  It brings out the best in your fish dish.
Rib Tickler  Now this spice tends to be for a single item, but we are sure our chef will sooner or later find more uses for it.  It was developed for that rack of ribs you have always wanted to cook, but were afraid to try.  Rub this kicker of a blend on those ribs, wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight, then cook them slowly till they are tender and juicy.  This spice will give those ribs that kick you want with great flavor and a touch of smoke!
Chicken Feathers  Yep, but just like Fish Scales there really aren't any feathers in this spice blend, though a little girl did ask once if there were.  As with many of our spices this was first created for a dish we call Feathered Chicken.  (This recipe is also in the recipe box.)  If you want to fix poultry, roasted, broiled, grilled, fried or any other way then you need Chicken Feathers!  It brings out the true flavor of the bird unlike anything you have used previously.  It truly is an incredible spice.
Spice Sampler Set This is a sample box of  our 6 original spice blends offering you an opportunity to sample these delectible herbal concoctions.  They make fabulous gifts at anytime of the year for that person who has everything.  They are also great for motor homes, travel trailers and camping.  This is an excellent way to introduce your friends to our great blends.
Hangaburger Spice is a new blend specifically for hamburgers.  It is best on grilled burgers, but works on them whether you grill, broil or fry them.  It adds the right amount of smoky flavor, salt and other secret spices for an out-of this-world burger.  Hangaburger Spice takes your burgers beyond "over the top" or even "kicked up", it takes them to a whole new level.  Check out the Best Burger Ever recipe in the recipe box.
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(Net weight 2.1 oz.  $7.50/jar)
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Just be sure to finish those ribs with one of our Meat Paint barbeque  sauces!  (You can get one of our chef's rib recipes in the recipe box.)

(Net weight 2.0 oz. $7.50/jar)
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