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Feeding On Success

by Bruce Hopkins on 06/12/13

The Chef’s Table Review, How a Successful Home Business Tastes

Ever wonder how success tastes?  The home business owner of The Chef's Table LLC has found out how juicy and flavorful that can become.  Owner Bruce Hopkins started his company, The Chef's Table in 2004 at the urging of his wife.  Learning to cook at the age of 5 with his mother and grandmother, he never lost his passion to tinker in the kitchen.

Have you ever had a fabulous meal in an expensive restaurant and would love to recreate it at home? Loved a dish and not sure what was in it to make it so flavorful?

Bruce learned how to separate flavors when tasting his creations and knowing exactly what to add or leave out.  Whether living in a mountain cabin in the Cascades of Washington State or in a valley near Puget Sound, he can always find ways to make any meal a 5 star hit.

Bringing success to others

 Bruce will often be found in the kitchen for fund raising events or conducting cooking lessons to raise money for diabetes research.  He and his wife will also open their home for an occasional Omelet Day on their front lawn, allowing invited guests to gather together.  He will cook up 2 and 3 egg omelets to order with a variety of added ingredients to call their own.  While waiting for their orders, guests bring a lawn chair, a side dish to munch while waiting and a favorite beverage and enjoy the day.  As many as 45 have attended for a great afternoon of friendship.  And the guests always ask to be put on the list for the next event.

With intense urging from family and friends, Bruce finally started writing down his recipes with the help of his wife gauging measurements.  Then came packaging and labeling.  Naming his creations was never a problem with the sense of humor Bruce is known for.  Every item has a twist to its name, usually tongue in cheek style as you will notice on his website.  After months of work and many tastings, the final products were complete and ready for sale.  Baskets made to order availability  and sea salts were added to the website to expand their product line.

The website took a lot of work and ingenuity to create.  Pictures, descriptions and pricing all took  time to develop and put in place.  Now The Chef’s Table has visitors worldwide from not only the United States, but also as far away as Australia, England and Turkey, looking for specific recipes and products to make them with is made easier with his combination of spices to take any guesswork out of the equation for novice cooks.   His recipes are all unique and original.  He has included sea salts and baskets to his site as gifts for those hard to buy for people in your life. 

Working at home does not always mean a 9 to 5 job.  As Bruce has proven, you can work at home, loving what you do, still spending time with your family and friends, and eat well at the same time.   

The taste of success has truly come to owner Bruce Hopkins.  It tastes sweet!

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